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Dedicated to Saving shelter and abandoned animals across Florida.

Animal rescues, like Bell’s Promise, are non-profit organizations. As such, they rely on the generosity and support of people like you! Unfortunately, there are never enough willing fosters or people to rescue these poor abandoned animals. Signing up to foster, or even better – adopting – one of these amazing animals, and helping to improve the situation they came from, is a guaranteed way bring joy (and a new best friend) into your life! If you can’t foster or adopt one of these loving faces, you can still make a difference by donating.

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Bell's Promise Animal Rescue, Inc. 501c3
Bell's Promise Animal Rescue, Inc. 501c3
It is with deep sadness and sorrow that we do this post to share with everyone that Lenny (#A2143826) today at 1:30 this afternoon passed away. The boarding facility contacted us via text message when they found him having a "seizure", sadly it was not a seizure, Lenny was struggling to breathe. Without a phone call and only a misspelled text message, we were not aware that he was in jeopardy. We were told he had a faint heartbeat, they did CPR, and they were going to rush him to the closest vet to them, but by then, it was too late. Lenny had crossed the bridge. I wanted to have a necropsy done on him to find out the cause of death, but the closest place that does necropsies is either in Kissimmee or University of Florida Gainesville. He was brought to our vet where xrays were done to see if any sort of tumors or blockage could be found...we discovered his cause of death was bloat. Rest easy our sweet boy, you will be missed by many.
Bell's Promise Animal Rescue, Inc. 501c3
Bell's Promise Animal Rescue, Inc. 501c3
Bells Promise Rescue is having a pet costume contest!

Submit a picture of your pet in their costume for a chance to win scary good prizes 👻

1st Prize: Gift Basket + Gift Card

Other great prizes for 2nd & 3rd place winners!

$5 per entry

Donations can be made through PayPal.

Email us a picture of your pet with a copy of your paypal receipt by Oct 24th.

* Please include your contact information, and the name of the pet(s)

• Photos will be posted on our Facebook page on Oct 25th and continue Oct 30th.

• Pets with the most likes at the end of Oct 30th will be the winners!

All proceeds go towards helping Bells Promise Animal Rescue save more animals in need.

Thank you for your support and Happy Halloween!! 🎃
Bell's Promise Animal Rescue, Inc. 501c3
Bell's Promise Animal Rescue, Inc. 501c3
Update on Emma (#A2175974)

Unfortunately today Emma was having some equilibrium issues while at boarding. They contacted us immediately and we had her seen by our vet. We ran bloodwork and xrays. She did test positive for hookworms and is extremely anemic most likely due to the worms. We do not have a definitive diagnosis but she has been started on medication to try and help. She could have an inner ear infection, vestibular disease or sadly it could also be a brain tumor. Any time frame for further vet visits will be dependent on her progress between the next 48 and 72 hours. Please keep Emma in your thoughts and prayers for a fast recovery. We appreciate any and all donations to help with her care. Thank you. Our PayPal is
Bell's Promise Animal Rescue, Inc. 501c3
Bell's Promise Animal Rescue, Inc. 501c3
Bell's Promise Animal Rescue, Inc. 501c3
Sweet little #EMMA #A2175974 will not have to spend another day or hour at Miami Dade Animal Services. We rescued this cutie today! A plea was issued with only a few hours to save her so we wasted no time. Not sure how long she had been wandering the streets as a stray but we told her she no longer needs to be afraid. She’s safe now and only better days ahead for this little girl. We are addressing the foster offers but will be getting her to the vet before we place her in a home. Welcome little Emma to your new life with Bell’s Promise Animal Rescue. ❤️ Thank you to everyone who networked, shared and pledged. Thank you to the many who reached out to us offering help. Thank you all for your continued support. You can honor pledges to Donations are welcomed ❤️

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