Bells Promise Rescue

Dedicated to Saving shelter and abandoned animals across Florida.

Calvin's Craft Cookies

Use code “bellspromise” for 10% off your purchase. For every can sold using our code, $2 will be donated directly to our rescue!! There is free shipping also!! Click on the link below and remember to use code “bellspromise”

Cutlery Fundraiser!

By clicking the link below when you shop, you’ll be purchasing high-quality Made in USA products, while helping our group raise money to help rescue and care for more shelter dogs. Your support is appreciated!

Bell's Promise Animal Rescue

Animal rescues, like Bell’s Promise, are non-profit organizations. As such, they rely on the generosity and support of people like you! Unfortunately, there are never enough willing fosters or people to rescue these poor abandoned animals. Signing up to foster, or even better – adopting – one of these amazing animals, and helping to improve the situation they came from, is a guaranteed way bring joy (and a new best friend) into your life! If you can’t foster or adopt one of these loving faces, you can still make a difference by donating.

Happy Tails

Embassy Lakes Animal Hospital

Bells Promise Pawfurred Veterinary Care

Embassy Lakes Animal Hospital always provides exceptional vet care for our animals. Dr. Daniel Levin brings decades of veterinary experience to the practice, and is supported by outstanding medical professionals who are equally passionate about providing care for pets at the highest possible level.