BUTTONS (#A1571360)

She was adopted as a puppy years ago and 5 years later she’s back in the same place after being found as a stray. She has a large mass on her chest that was never treated.

BUTTONS (#A1571360) was not feeling good and not eating which is odd for her, just laying around, had some vomiting and bloody liquid diarrhea diarrhea. Her foster family took her to St. Petersburg Animal Hospital and Urgent Care. They did blood work, she was put on fluids, they gave her an injection of cerenia to stop the vomiting and pills for the diarrhea. Unfortunately for Buttons, she has Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis also known as HGE. The fluids, bland diet and medication should make this super sweet girl feel better in a couple of days. The emergency vet bill was $601.40, this was an unplanned but necessary expense for the rescue, any donation to help us with the cost is greatly appreciated. Our PayPal is bellspromiserescue@gmail.com please put Buttons in the memo section. Thank you all so very much for your support and kindness.

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