Pretzel #A2073863

🦴Pretzel has gotten his medication and is resting. They sutured the opening of the growth and applied a tie dressing, as well as packed & covered it with gauze.
🦴He will be monitored throughout the night to check for anymore bleeding. He is on antibiotics, pain medication, and a sedative to help keep him as calm as possible.
🦴On Wendesday morning, Pretzel will go to our usual surgeon, who we have worked with many times, to get his growths acessed & removed. We will update as soon as we get news on this sweet boy 🙏
•••This is Pretzel’s (#A2073863) $1,222 medical bill, up until today, just to get him stable. This does NOT include his upcoming surgery or other medical costs•••
❤️We appreciate any donations toward his care❤️
or Zelle
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