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Many of the dogs we rescue are medical cases and seniors. Both require a lot of money, love, and care. Our rescue and our fosters supply the love and care, but we need assistance with the financial part.
If you would like to help sponsor a dog, please contact us at Bellspromiserescue@gmail.com

Thank you for your support!

To those that do donate, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Road to recovery

MILEY #A2164721

This is the face of an 8 year old neglected by her family and dumped at a shelter. This is the face of an 8 year old adopted again by another member of that family and dumped back AGAIN a week later due to “allergies”. Her name is #MILY #A2164721
She is as sweet as they come despite her neglect and constant human betrayal. She’s dog friendly, weighs 75lbs. She is heartworm positive, she has anaplasma, lesions all over her body, eye issues requiring eye drops daily for the rest of her life or she will go blind. She can not be spayed until her condition improves

Hospice Care


Pretzel is loving his new comfy blanket that Gail Sylvan and the group Fur Angel Blessing Blanketeers sent to him!! What a great group of people!! Thank you so very much for your kindness!!


Poppy (#A2063174) This sweet 12 yr senior. He is the sweetest thing, but he is an old man and in addition to all his old man problems – bad teeth, arthritis and cataracts, poor Poppy has a mass on the right side of his ribs and a smaller one on the left, and has had suffered several bouts of URI to boot.  Any pledges towards vetting is greatly appreciated.


Sweet 8 year old Hercules #A2068314 American Bulldog had been at the shelter since August and desperately needed a foster and rescue to help address some of his medical issues.

With a wonderful foster found and everyone’s support, we were more than happy to step up to help this MDAS Survivor!
Donations can be made via PayPal at: bellspromiserescue@gmail.com
(Please put ‘HERCULES’ in the memo line)


BUTTONS (#A1571360)

BUTTONS (#A1571360) was not feeling good and not eating which is odd for her, just laying around, had some vomiting and bloody liquid diarrhea diarrhea. Her foster family took her to St. Petersburg Animal Hospital and Urgent Care. They did blood work, she was put on fluids, they gave her an injection of cerenia to stop the vomiting and pills for the diarrhea. Unfortunately for Buttons, she has Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis also known as HGE. The fluids, bland diet and medication should make this super sweet girl feel better in a couple of days. The emergency vet bill was $601.40, this was an unplanned but necessary expense for the rescue, any donation to help us with the cost is greatly appreciated. Our PayPal is bellspromiserescue@gmail.com please put Buttons in the memo section. Thank you all so very much for your support and kindness.


Success Stories

More stories like this can be a reality with your help!

Princess (#A1530056

Sweet PRINCESS has officially LEFT THE BUILDING!
Princess was hit by a car and her injuries are extensive. 
Please honor pledges and donate if you can. No amount is too small. Thank you!
Pledges can be honored to….

LENNY (#A2143826)


Dr. Levin is very happy with how well Lenny’s leg is healing❤️ Lenny, now named Brutus, is doing good, walking better, eating great, he does get impatient now when changing the bandage on his leg. Positive thoughts and prayers still needed that his leg heals completely so that we can move on to taking care of the lump that is on his penis. Thank you!!

CODY (#A2145727)

Dr. Levin saw that Cody’s abdomen is distended/swollen, so they took xrays, and that is what was discovered, poor guy is full of poop and he is also dehydrated. Because of his colon being full of stool he feels to awful to eat. The most important thing is to make him comfortable and get fluids in to get the stool out. We sent Cody to St. Francis Emergency Animal Hospital so he can get fluids and enemas to empty him out, but he was un-cooperative since he is obviously very uncomfortable. So Cody is going back home with his foster Joanna with meds to hopefully get things moving. Once he gets emptied out xrays will have to be done again to make sure there is no blockage anywhere that is keeping Cody from pooping normally.